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Florida Snowbird Auto Delivery
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Snowbird Auto Delivery Experts

Floirda Snowbird Auto Delivery Experts

Professional Drivers Incorporated® is the premier auto delivery expert in the industry. We started our service a quarter century ago with Florida Snowbirds in mind and tailored our services to their needs.

Our hand-picked team of professional drivers pick up your vehicle at the time and place of your choosing, then drive it to it’s destination. All of our drivers are carefully selected and work with us on an on-going basis. Before they start driving for us, we do full background and driving checks, road testing and personality analysis. Only once we are confident in their driving, customer service, and time-management skills, do we allow them to deliver your car. If a potential driver does not meet or exceed our high standards, you will never see them.

Since we know and trust all our drivers, we allow your personal belongings to be transported in your car. You can load up the trunk and back seat with the personal possessions you want to take, and know they are safe. We even meet many of our Snowbirds as they get off the plane at their destination. We are the only auto drive-away company that provides this level of service!

You will also transport your pets along with your car. For an additional fee for the care and handling of your pet during the trip, we will take your pet with us. We seek out pet-friendly lodging and make stops along the way for your pet’s comfort.