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Auto DriveawayProfessional Drivers is the premier auto driveaway expert in the industry. In fact we provide a service unique to the industry.

Our hand-picked team of professional drivers pick up your vehicle at the time and place of your choosing, then drive it to its destination. All of our drivers are carefully selected and work with us on an on-going basis. Before they start driving for us, we do full background and driving checks, road testing and personality analysis. Only once we are confident in their driving, customer service, and time-management skills, do we allow them to deliver your car. If a potential driver does not meet or exceed our high standards, you will never see them.

Since we drive all vehicles, they must be in good working condition. We deliver all vehicle types including: all private passenger cars, vans, motor homes, campers and light non-commercial trucks.

One Of Our Auto Driveaway Reviews

We recently received this urgent email:

Dear Professional Drivers,

I am in a pickle! I am a service member that was recently relocated. After 3 terrible experiences with transport brokers my vehicle is still sitting at my residence. I am stacking up rental fees and bleeding money because of this car transport situation.

I really need my vehicle delivered, shipped or even “teleported” to me if you offer that… no seriously, I need my vehicle delivered by a honest and reliable source.

Called us. . . problem solved!

We are different from most vehicle shipping companies.

  • We provide door to door pick up and delivery of motor vehicles throughout the entire United States and between the US and Canada.

  • We deliver on your time schedule. We realize that time is of the essence and we can usually guarantee an exact delivery date and often meet our customers at the airport.

  • We don’t ship your vehicle on a truck. We actually drive it from the pick-up spot to the delivery spot. We are safer and faster than trucking.

  • You be the Judge! Compare our contract with that of shipping companies. Click here for a sample comparison.

Why would you want someone to drive your car?

  • Driving reduces the risk of damage. With auto shipping, every time your car is loaded on and off a truck, something may be dented, scratched, or broken. When your car is chained down, your suspension can be damaged. Every time your car is shipped, flying road debris can hit it and leaking fluids from other cars can ruin the paint.

  • Driving long distances is actually good for a vehicle, especially one that doesn’t run at highway speeds often. It resets the engine computer, burns out harmful deposits and lubricates critical parts, prolonging the life of your automobile.

  • Driving provides reliability, flexibility and dependability. One driver picks up your car and delivers it to you – on your schedule. You don’t have to wait weeks for your car to be delivered. We get it there when you need it. Since there is one driver with your car the whole trip, you know who is handling your vehicle.

Why Choose Professional Drivers Auto Driveway Service?

  • Driving is better and safer than shipping
  • We allow all your personal belongings
  • We work on YOUR schedule and deliver on time
  • We pick up and deliver in all states and Canada*
  • We never broker out your vehicle
  • We have over a quarter century of experience

*Due to Canadian Government regulations we cannot provide domestic Canadian Service, only service between Canada and the United States.

We Are Unique From Most Auto Driveaway Companies.

  • We NEVER broker out your car. With a lot of companies, you need to ask “who will drive my car?” Well, a lot of companies just place an ad in the newspaper and the first person to respond is the one that drives your car.

  • We allow placement of your personal property in the transported vehicle. Since we know our drivers, we allow personal belongings to be transported in your car. Most other companies don’t.

  • We allow pets to be transported for an additional fee for the care and handling of your pet during the trip. We seek out pet-friendly lodging and make stops along the way for the comfort of your pet.

  • We have over a quarter century of experience and millions of accident free miles. We are the premier long distance vehicle delivery service in the industry. We offer superior service at a competitive price!

  • Compare our auto driveaway services with other companies. Customized Auto Driveaway Services on Your Schedule! Compare Auto Driveaway Services.

Snowbird Specialists

We have specialized in transporting vehicles for Florida Snowbirds for a quarter century. We know what you want and we know how to deliver it.

Commercial & Fleet Managers

Please call (214) 444 – 7544, or email us directly at

Professional Drivers operation commercial vehicles is bound to operate under DOT supervision. This requires rules concerning the length of time a driver can be behind the wheel. Registering at open weight & inspection stations. This results in us being able to travel approximately 500 miles per day. Base quotes are provided with this in mind. Please keep in mind moving your car is not the same as moving your truck. All rental vehicles must have all insurances provided by the rental company and our driver’s name must be listed as the primary driver.

Canadian Auto Driveaway Service

Professional Drivers can move vehicles to and from Canada, but we are not authorized for domestic, city to city in Canada.

Mexican Auto Driveaway Service

We do not provide auto driveaway services to or from Mexico. If you need a vehicle picked up at the Mexican border we will be happy to provide that service. However, we will only drive these vehicles to the closest US Border & Immigration Center for a complete vehicle inspection. If passed, we will be happy to continue to the final destination. All vehicles must be prepaid by credit card. No checks of any kind accepted.

Same City Service

Same city auto driveaway services are available, but not at competitive rates.