Need a Professional Driver to Deliver Your Vehicle?

What is a Traditional Auto Drive Away Service?

auto drive away service
Other Drive Away Services

A traditional auto drive away service is just what it sounds like – someone drives away with your car to its destination. Many vehicle Drive-Away companies do not even pay their drivers.

A trucking company transports your car on a truck, and it may get as close to your delivery address as possible. It will never go into a gated community or an airport. Sometimes you actually have to go to the trucking terminal to pick up your car. How convenient.

Types of Drive Away Services Offered by Other Companies

  • Basic: Most Drive-Away companies offer a basic-level service where they broker out the actual driving to someone who will drive it for free. You save money, but your delivery is unpredictable – the drivers don’t take the shortest, most direct route. The service is also unpredictable.
  • Expedited: Some Drive-Away companies offer an Expedited Service. They still broker out the driving to the first respondent, but they pay the driver for delivering the vehicle within a delivery window in good condition. This level of service is more expensive, but it is also more reliable.
  • Professional: Companies that offer a Professional Service have their staff drivers deliver the vehicle. This is the most expensive but it is by far the most reliable.

Professional Drivers is Different

Customized vehicle transportation services meeting your specific needs.

Professional drivers is the premier vehicle relocator in the industry. With over a quarter of a century of service and 7 million accident free miles, we know what you want. We are an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau going 2 decades without one complaint.

We never broker out our work. All of our drivers undergo extensive background checks.

Our carefully selected professional drive each vehicle to its destination along with your personal belongings, pets, and even you, if you don’t like to fly.

We have the ability to meet you as you come off your flight, put your vehicle in your garage or parking area, even in gated communities. You don’t even have to be home when we pick up or deliver.

Thank you very much for working with us to bring Stephanie’s car to our home. Cal was very professional and friendly. He kept in touch with us before getting the car and during his drive, coordinating pick-up and delivery times. I will definitely recommend you to everyone who is looking for your services. I felt completely at-ease and confident that Stephanie’s car was in good hands and would be delivered as promised.

Hope you have a great Summer!

Terri Hightower

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