Professional Drivers Auto Drive Away Service

You do not want just any body driving your vehicle!

Neither do we!

Our carefully selected drivers have under gone an extensive background check. This includes the motor vehicle driving history. We realize that you are about to turn over a very valuable asset and we do not take that task lightly.

Our drivers have enabled us to travel over 8 million Accident Free Miles. In over a quarter of a century of service we know what you are expecting and we deliver exactly what you are expecting. Our services are customized to meet your needs. There is only one driver that stays with you an dyer car from the beginning to the end. We never broker out our jobs. You will have your professional driver’s personal cell phone number soi you need a progress report ally have todo is call him. We make it a point to call the night before and let you know when we will be delivering your vehicle.

Speaking about delivery it’s your choice as to where you can receive your car. We meet most of our clients t the airport where tthey ar flying into. You get off th plane meet us, and off you go. No lim’s, taxis or shuttle services. If however you ant it in the drive way we wild that too, even in gated omunnities where the trucks can’t go. Not sure when you are going to be home we can also deliver when you are not home.
We are so confident that we meet or exceed your expectations we guarantee our services.

“We Overwhelm You With Value!”

We are not just making it up. Actual customer

Dear Tony
I just wanted to thank you for the superb job in transporting my CRV from Connecticut to New Orleans. It was stress free, your drive was a doll and my daughter was happy. After the tribal experiences that I had with other companies before I found you guys I just wanted to say “thank you” Happy Holidays.

Aline Libassi,



From: “Gene Assaf”
To: “Tony @”
Subject: Red Honda pilot


Thanks again for the Incredible effort.

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