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Professional Drivers Auto Drive Away Service

Professional Drivers Incorporated is NOT a standard auto drive away service. We are a top notch auto drive away service. Our drivers have undergone extensive background checks, including their motor vehicle driving histories, and they work with us on a full time basis. We are also fully insured. With standard auto drive away services, anybody can jump into your car, even without insurance.

You Don’t Want Just Anybody Driving Your Car

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Work with Professional Drivers instead. Customized Auto Drive Away Service on Your Schedule.

An auto drive away service is just what it sounds like. Someone unknown drives away with your car. This is the second cheapest way of moving your car from point A to point B (driving yourself is the least expensive way). Most Drive-Away companies do not pay the people they hire to move your car. “People who are not being paid tend not to be the best guardians of your property,” says Tony Bellefond, CEO of Professional Drivers. It is a great way for foreign nationals to see our country or invite people to use your car for who knows what. Many of the drivers don’t have credit cards and if something goes wrong, guess where you stand? There have been numerous documented issues concerning other Auto Drive Away service companies including accidents caused by inexperienced drivers, the movement of drugs, theft, and damage.

We Are A Different Auto Drive Away Service

Our carefully chosen professionals, the foremost in the industry, have undergone complete background checks including their driving histories. We are able to handle most unforeseen circumstances including weather and mechanical delays. See what sets us apart from other companies.

Our client first business approach makes Professional Drivers quite unique from your traditional car transporters. Placement of your personal belongings in the truck and back seat is encouraged. Your pets are welcome to travel in your car. We also meet many of our clients in the airport as they come off the plane.

We have been in business for over a quarter of a century, and even after 7 million miles we have never had an accident. We have not had a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in nearly two decades (see our BBB report).

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We just delivered a car for someone that first tried two different shippers. After months of waiting for someone to pick up their car, and paying for rental fees while they waited, they called us. We had their car to them in just three days.