Feb, 6 2017

True Story

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It was 7 AM in the morning and I received a phone call from a lady stranded at the airport (Reagan in Washington DC.) She had just been denied boarding on a flight to Ft. Myers. She had a lap dog, for which she had bought a ticket, and the dog was to ride in [...]

Jan, 30 2017

Picking the right car shipping company

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The biggest mistake people make is not doing their homework. With the average cost of a new car topping $ 33,560.00, we are talking about a valuable asset. Did you know there are different types of trucking, enclosed or open? Within the open or enclosed carriers, there are more divisions. Low road space available on [...]

Jan, 23 2017

How to pick an auto transport company, auto driveaway

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All companies look alike to me! Wrong is my answer. Once again you will have to do your homework. There are basically two types of companies one that will turn your car over to complete strangers or companies that hire professional drivers. The non-professional driver companies make money by charging the vehicle owner fees for [...]

Jan, 2 2017

How to survive a head-on crash

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Let us assume it’s 2 AM New Year’s day and you are your family’s designated driver. The roads are clear. You’re thinking about the big game coming up later in the day and all the food you are having; how nice the party was; not one thought about you and your family dying at the [...]

Oct, 24 2016

How to drive in bad weather

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When it rains what can I do besides turning on the wipers? Rain reduces the traction between your tires and the road surface reduce your speed and allow 4 seconds stopping distance between you and the car ahead. Remember that light rain can mix with oil and dirt on the surface of the road and [...]

Oct, 17 2016

Defensive driving

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DEFENSIVE DRIVING safe driving requires knowledge and practice of defensive driving at turnpike speeds it takes at least 20 seconds to recognize and prepare for upcoming developments. Frequently scanning ahead you will notice emergency developments. At first sign of reduced visibility snow, rain, fog, flashing emergency signals or brake lights immediately reduce your speed your [...]

Oct, 8 2016

It’s that time of year again.

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Well it’s time to think about going south for the winter. Remember how you hated your last trip. If you do not plan properly this journey can not only be stress full for you but also for your other love ones, your pets. If your pet is not usually going with on short trips how [...]