Sep, 7 2016

Summer is hard on your car

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Most people do not realize that summer is harder on your car than winter. Take a few minute to check all of your fluids and make sure they are all topped off. Anti- freeze, a popular misnomer, is used as a coolant for the engine. After a while it will lose its vital properties and [...]

Jul, 7 2016

RV Transport Customized for RV Owners

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The quality of RV transport services and RV transport rates will vary by region and the type of RV transport companies competing in the market. Professional Drivers has been transporting RVs, with a spotless safety record and damage free deliveries for over a quarter century. If you’re looking at the various options of RV transporters [...]

Apr, 11 2014

Snowbird is not a resort in Utah

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While Utah is a beautiful state with great names for its ski mountains, a real “snowbird” is actually a human being who prefers residence in two or more places throughout our beautiful country. There are advantages to living in New England or Michigan or Montana. The colder climatic regions of the United States offer rare [...]

Mar, 14 2014

Caring for Your Fleet Vehicles

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Your company vehicles are assets and need to be managed as such. That means regular scheduled maintenance and cleanings. However, there can be a problem when the cars and trucks are scattered around the country and driven home each night by salespeople, executives and other company drivers. Daily work schedules that require a lot of [...]

Dec, 20 2013

They’re vehicles, not packages!

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Have you ever received a package from the post office or UPS that’s been manhandled and damaged inside the package? We all have. It’s such a hassle to call the company who shipped it to you, prove it was damaged in shipping and then arrange to ship it back before getting a replacement. And who’s [...]