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Compare other services to Professional Drivers. It’s like comparing apples to oranges!

There are basically only three ways to get your vehicle from one place to another. You can drive it yourself, hire a company to drive it, or hire a trucking company. Let’s compare the other services to Professional Drivers.

Auto Drive-away Companies Professional Drivers
The oldest Auto Drive-away company started in 1954 and is still in business today. Next to driving your own vehicle, this is the cheapest way to go.


Unfortunately, most auto drive-away companies don’t drive the cars themselves, they broker out the vehicles. They location anyone, 21 years or older, willing to drive your car across country by placing ads in the newspaper, web sites, and fliers on college campuses. The drivers are basically unknown to the company owners, and they are never paid. Yet, you are turing your vehicle over to them.


The only advantage to this type of service is the price.


The disadvantage to this type of service are almost too numerous to list. Do you really want complete strangers operating your car? People that are not being paid tend not to be too careful with other people’s property. The advertisements for this service entice drivers with the ability to “sight-see” along the way. Do you want thousands of extra miles added to your car? Finally, the driver is in charge of when your car gets delivered and there are no guarantees of when that will be.

Professional Drivers was established in 1987 and after a quarter of a century, we have 8 million miles of accident-free service and a “Perfect Record” with the Better Business Bureau.

We never broker out vehicles. All drivers work for us on an on-going basis and are paid for their services. Before they start driving for us, we do full background and driving checks, road testing and personality analysis. Only once we are confident in their driving, customer service, and time management skills, do we allow them to deliver your car.

When we deliver your vehicle, only one driver drives the car. We take the shortest route to the destination and can tell you when to expect delivery. Since we trust the drivers, you can pack your car with your belongings. We can even pick you up at the airport.

What does this mean to you? You save more money! While the price of a typical auto drive-away may appear to be lower, you have additional costs in rentals, shipping your personal property, and potential damage to your car.

Trucking / Auto Shipping Professional Drivers
Trucking is the most widely recognized form of auto transport. The largest companies use modern trucks and do a reasonably good job


Unfortunately, when the price of fuel sky-rocketed in 2008, there was a big shakeout in the industry. Over 500 vehicle transport companies went out of business. Many became brokers rather than transporting their own vehicles. Some of the remaining companies started operating without insurance or using unsafe equipment.


The biggest advantage of trucking can be price and lack of wear and tear on the vehicle. The price for shipping from Florida to New Hampshire ranges from $800 with no delivery commitment to $2,100 for delivery in 10 days.


The biggest disadvantages are time and damage. In order to make auto trucking profitable, a full truck is needed all going to the same, or close to the same, place. Some companies are fairly good at delivery your car in the advertised time, others take weeks, some don’t show up at all and find it more expedient just to refund your money after a month or two. The most common complaint from trucking companies is damage to the shipped cars. If your car rides over the truck cab, it is going to be damaged by road debris. Fluids leading from the car above ruins many paint jobs and this damage is expressly excluded by standard trucking contracts. Finally, damage often occurs when cars are loaded or offloaded.

Professional Drivers never brokers out their cars. When you hire us, we are the ones doing the work.

Professional Drivers is working for you. The driver is driving for you. We work on your schedule, not ours and certainly not a truck-load of people’s. When you contract with us, our dispatchers map out a route that is the most efficient. Barring major accidents (that shut down a road for hours) or natural disasters, we know exactly when your vehicle will be delivered.

We believe in safety first and have millions of accident-free miles to prove it. Driving a vehicle minimizes the risk of damage. As a matter of fact, driving long distances is actually good for a vehicle that doesn’t run at highway speeds often. It resets the engine computer, burns out harmful deposits and lubricates critical parts, prolonging the life of your automobile.

Finally, we allow you to pack the trunk and backseat with all the personal belongings that fit, saving the cost of separate shipping.


Contact us today to learn more about our car transport services.