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All vehicle delivery trips are priced on an individual basis. The base rate includes our fees, as well as food and motel for the drivers.

Not included are our transportation costs to and from your vehicle. This may include air fares, ground transportation to and from the vehicle. When you call our office at 800-639-1656 we are happy to provide these figures. Getting this information places you under no obligation.

There is no way to estimate fuel cost. To get a basis on your final cost, you may take the mileage divided by your MPG and get total gallons. Then multiply that by the current cost per gallon you are presently paying.


Tolls, if any, are also added to all trips.

A 50% deposit will be required at time of booking plus the airfares will be charged to your credit card. This fee is non-refundable.

More information is available in the FAQ section under Cancellation Fees.

A final word about vehicle delivery costs. If you can pick us up or drive us to / from the airport there is no charge. If you have a lot of frequent flier miles and want us to use them there is no charge. We do not mark up our costs. If you want to see the receipts, we will provide them. If you’d like to keep the receipts after we are finished delivering your vehicle then we are happy to give them to you.

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