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We move your company vehicles on your schedule rather than when your trucking company can squeeze you in.

Professional Drivers is completely different from traditional car movers. We provide a unique, customized vehicle relocation service, designed to meet your specific needs. Customized Vehicle Relocation Services on Your Schedule!

Our carefully chosen professionals have undergone extensive background checks, including their driving histories.

We are safer than trucking. Even after 8 million miles we have never had an accident. We are also faster than trucking, normally completing coast-to-coast service in only 5 days.

Wouldn’t it be great to get your company cars moved when you need them rather than when your trucking company can squeeze you in?

Our services are not just limited to personal vehicles. We will tow certain types of trailers, and drive non-commercial trucks, RV type showrooms, and training vehicles, as well as specialty vehicles (we moved an armored SWAT vehicle). We also provide service to and from all domestic ports. We deliver to all states in the continental US and to/from Canada.

Professional Drivers Incorporated doesn’t just move personal vehicles, we assist our clients with the movement of their corporate vehicles. Since we drive every vehicle, we have the opportunity to move specialty vehicles that do not fit on car carriers. Recent moves involved a truck and crane for Boston Dynamics, a truck and trailer for the Henkel Loctite Corporation, a truck and trailer for ORBITA Watchwinders, a SWAT Armored Personnel Carrier for the Renton Washington Police Department, a truck and trailer for Trimuph Motorcycles, and a bus for Mitsubishi Health Care USA.

For Boston Dynamics, we delivered a truck to The Wayne Corporation in Cedar Falls, Iowa to be outfitted with a crane. Once that work was completed, we moved the truck and crane back to Boston Dynamics in Waltham, MA where it will be used to transport new LS3 robotics technology being developed for the Marine Corps.

The ORBITA Roadshow is a custom-built 24-foot long trailer. The interior is fitted out with cherry-wood wall shelving and cabinets to resemble a fine Fifth Avenue jewelry showroom. We moved the Roadshow from ORBITA’s headquarters in NC to Omaha, NE.

The SWAT APC was moved from the Lenco factory in Pittsfield Massachusetts to it’s new home in Renton Washington. Charles Karlewicz Commander, Special Operations Division, City of Renton Police Department expressed his thanks for the great service.

For Triumph Motorcycle, we transported a truck and trailer with very precious cargo: Triumph’s latest custom-built motorcycle that will attempt to break the world speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Mitsubishi Chemical Health Care USA hired us to transport several motor homes and buses accompanied by some of their sales and marketing staff. One such trip was from Freemont CA to Phoenix AZ, making many stops along the way.

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