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Defensive driving

DEFENSIVE DRIVING safe driving requires knowledge and practice of defensive driving at turnpike speeds it takes at least 20 seconds to recognize and prepare for upcoming developments. Frequently scanning ahead you will notice emergency developments. At first sign of reduced visibility snow, rain, fog, flashing emergency signals or brake lights immediately reduce your speed your speed and turn on your headlights -low beams check where you stand in the flow of traffic.

Check behind you, as important is for scanning it is equally important to check your mirrors. (Rearview and side) to keep track of the following vehicles. If a car suddenly cuts in front of you making evasive necessary, you will know instantly which lane is open. You will know if someone is tailgating you. This is a major cause of accidents. If one is Change lanes and let him pass.

Keep your distance & use Directional Signals Many accidents result from abrupt stops or lane changes in heavy traffic. Signal your intentions well in advance of lane changes and keep your distance.

Be alert to Head-On Collisions. These are the most violent of all accidents. Take the following actions to avoid head-ones.

If the situation arises, your best bet is to reduce speed, and move as far right as possible. If you must head off the road and there is no open space aim for things that will lessen the impact. Like bushes, fences or small tress. If you can-not get out of the way, turn the vehicle at an angle. A glancing blow-even off the oncoming vehicle-is less dangerous than hitting head on.

Take care at intersections. 40% of all accidents that occur in the city take place at intersections. Many drivers do not know or they deliberately try to beat out the vehicle that you are supposed to yield to the vehicle on the right the proper way to approach the intersection is with your foot off the accelerator and over the brake pedal; look left then right then left again before going through; keep scanning until you are past the point of danger.

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