How to drive in bad weather

//How to drive in bad weather

How to drive in bad weather

When it rains what can I do besides turning on the wipers?

Rain reduces the traction between your tires and the road surface reduce your speed and allow 4 seconds stopping distance between you and the car ahead. Remember that light rain can mix with oil and dirt on the surface of the road and make the highway extra slick. You can actually stop faster on a wet road than a damp one. Avoid sudden moves and if possible drive in the tracks of the car ahead Watch the slant in the road to see where the water is going stay; on the high side and you will see where the water is draining. Puddles can hide potentially dangerous potholes if you must drive through water put your left foot on the brake pedal. This helps keep the brake linings from getting wet. Go slowly if you drive too fast you could actually you splash water on you ignition system and that will stall the engine. Once you have cleared the puddle pump the brakes a few times. If your brakes linings get wet, the heat from the friction will help dry them out.

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires lose contact with the road and ride upon a wedge of water between the tire and tile road. You may not realize it’s happening to you until you try to maneuver the vehicle and find you have no control. The less treat on the tire the more likely to hydroplane. (Do forget this item when you inspect your vehicle.) If you do hydroplane. Take your foot off the gas. Do not hit the brakes keep tile steering wheel straight as you slow, the weight of the car will settle down on to the road. Even better avoid this situation by slowing down in advance.



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