It’s that time of year again.

//It’s that time of year again.

It’s that time of year again.

Well it’s time to think about going south for the winter. Remember how you hated your last trip. If you do not plan properly this journey can not only be stress full for you but also for your other love ones, your pets.

If your pet is not usually going with on short trips how can you expect him to be ready for a long one? I would start a couple of weeks before your planned departure date taking your pet for as many “rides’ as you can squeeze in.

You would never leave without packing so don’t forget your pet’s needs. Pack in a separate box or suitcase your pet’s food, bowl, leash, all his medications, grooming tools and plenty of bottled water. (Bottled water is essential in preventing digestive health, and you are not running around in gas stations or rest areas.) Don’t forget to place these item where they are easily accessible.

Placed any toys or pillows in the car your pet is accustomed too. It will add to his sense of wellbeing. Although you may want to save time by going through the fast food drive in, NEVER feed Fido when the car is moving. You should plan on feeding your pet 3 or 4 hours before you leave.

When you stop for fuel it is a great idea to take the dog for a walk, let them stretch too. Your cats should be treated the same however they really should remain crated until you are safely in your hotel room, Speaking of hotel rooms it is always best to stop at pet friendly hotels. And you may want to do some homework based on your route.

Never leave your pet in a car that can be overheated even with the windows cracked. Try to park under a tree on in shade. If this can’t be done either eat in 2 shifts or better than that pick up a sandwich or some chicken drinks and stop at a rest area. These places can be untapped treasures.

A final word of precaution you may want to Microchip your pet just in case.

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