Picking the right car shipping company

//Picking the right car shipping company

Picking the right car shipping company

The biggest mistake people make is not doing their homework. With the average cost of a new car topping $ 33,560.00, we are talking about a valuable asset.

Did you know there are different types of trucking, enclosed or open? Within the open or enclosed carriers, there are more divisions. Low road space available on an open truck. Middle road expedited on an open truck. High road enclosed carrier and finally High road expedited service in an enclosed truck. Confusing isn’t it? To make matters worse there is no consistency between the various companies and the service they offer.

Enclosed transport provides protection from the weather and driving elements; snow, rain, and road debris.

Open air transport is the most used mode for moving cars. Your car is driven up on the trailer, secured and will ride to its destination exposed to all weather conditions along with road debris.

Where is the car being picked up –  at your home, mall parking area or do you have to deliver it to a transport terminal? What about delivery? Door to Door, back to the mall or the terminal.

Before you go any further, you need to know what level of service you really want. Cheap is not always best. The cheaper the service is the more dependent you are on the shipping company.

How do I know the company I choose is reputable?

All trucking companies must be registered with the Department of Transportation. If you are shipping across state lines they  must also be registered with Federal Carrier Motor Safety Administration. NEVER SHIP YOUR CAR WITH A COMPANY THAT WON’T PROVIDE YOU WITH THEIR DOT OR MC NUMBER Make sure they provide this in writing. Ask for references from previous customers.

Federal Law prohibits personal belongings in vehicles. You can’t have  more than 1/8 of a tank of fuel.

The next question you will have to find out is the car being picked at your home, mall parking area or do you have to deliver it to a transport terminal. After finding out about this you then need to ask about delivery: Door to Door or back to the mall shopping area or the terminal.

There is an alternative to trucking. Auto Transport companies that actually drive the vehicles.

About the Author: Tony Bellefond has driven for Professional Drivers for 24 years. There are not too many things that Tony hasn’t experienced. Now CEO of Professional Drivers,  Tony may be reached at 800-639-1656.

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About the Author:

Tony Bellefond
Tony Bellefond Founder and CEO of Customized Logistics Group Parent company of Professional Drivers. Mr. Bellefond, An expert in logistics, has spent over 25 years driving extensively in the United States a Canada. There is not too much he has not seen on the road. Holding a BA from Hawthorne College in Political; Science and History, Tony is graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. Before starting Professional Drivers he worked as Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Golden Palm Publishing Corporation North Palm Beach, Florida. A licensed pilot, Tony actually received his pilot’s license before his Driver’s license. Now residing in Anna TX with his wife Ellen who is a partner in the business. They are enjoying Professional Drivers and being much closer to their Grand Children... | more about us