RV Transport Customized for RV Owners

//RV Transport Customized for RV Owners

RV Transport Customized for RV Owners

The quality of RV transport services and RV transport rates will vary by region and the type of RV transport companies competing in the market. Professional Drivers has been transporting RVs, with a spotless safety record and damage free deliveries for over a quarter century.

If you’re looking at the various options of RV transporters then consider your choices carefully.

  • Are specific RV transport services thoroughly and clearly itemized?
  • Are the RV transport drivers thoroughly screened with background checks?
  • Do RV transport rates add hidden fees never discussed up front?
  • Is the company always advertising, “RV transporters wanted?”
  • Does RV trailer transport comply with all safety regulations and best practices?

Let Professional Drivers provide you some assurances about transporting your RV. We have thought through, experienced and addressed all of the considerations above and more when it comes to RV transportation and relocation. We will only assign drivers experienced in commercial or larger vehicle operation. Drivers study every vehicle’s operation, safety and maintenance manuals and follow procedures according the manufacturer’s instructions.

Trusting your RV transportation to a fledgling auto drive away service or so called RV Transport company puts your valued RV investment at risk of improper operation and costly damage. You should instead place your RV transport in the hands of professionals with over two decades of experience and over 7 million accident free miles.

Professional Drivers is still continuously counting safely travelled miles on the roads of North America with a spotless record and zero complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. Driving is our pleasure and Transporting RVs across single states or the entire United States is a well-honed specialty.

We are completely different from traditional RV movers. We provide a unique, customized RV relocation service, designed to meet your specific needs, such as including passengers or and valuable personal belongings. Professional Drivers provides customized vehicle relocation services on your schedule – pickup, delivery and even scheduled maintenance stops.

It’s the Driver that Matters!

Our carefully chosen professionals have undergone extensive background checks, including their lifetime driving histories. Because we know our drivers, you can trust us with your personal & company belongings – as many as can be placed in the vehicle.

We are safer than trucking. Even after more than 7 million miles we have never had an accident. We are also faster than trucking, normally completing coast-to-coast service in only 5 days. And, since we drive every vehicle, we have the opportunity to move specialty and jumbo RVs that do not fit on car carriers. Our drivers are familiar with the way these vehicles handle and safety is their top priority – always!

Did you know that RV transport companies compete heavily with the trucking industry for drivers who can keep their trailers fully loaded round-trip?  According to Elkhart Indiana’s Elkhart Truth newspaper, “RV transport firms only pay one-way if they can’t find the driver an RV to transport back home. These are called ‘back hauls.’” This doesn’t always make for goodwill between companies and drivers.

Professional Drivers has the advantage of personally knowing all of our drivers who live strategically throughout the country. We pay our drivers regardless of whether or not they have a vehicle to drive back after a delivery. Our company arranges all necessary travel arrangements and you will know exactly what you are paying for up front.

Does this sound like the kind of personal, professional, even concierge style of service you’re seeking in a transporter for your valuable RV? Please feel free to call us and talk with a specialist if you have any questions. (800) 639-1656

You can also get a fast and easy to understand quote online. Just click to Get a Quote Online!

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