Snowbird is not a resort in Utah

//Snowbird is not a resort in Utah

Snowbird is not a resort in Utah

While Utah is a beautiful state with great names for its ski mountains, a real “snowbird” is actually a human being who prefers residence in two or more places throughout our beautiful country.

There are advantages to living in New England or Michigan or Montana. The colder climatic regions of the United States offer rare natural beauty and rich cultural diversity …plus this nuisance weather thing called snow, and lots of it! Then, of course, there are advantages of living in places like Florida, Texas, Arizona and Southern California; mild winters, virtually no snow and golf courses open year round.

Our snowbird friends enjoy the best of both worlds, migrating back and forth from north to south, year after year just like many species of birds do. They look forward to the change of scenery and the better weather. They eagerly anticipate the change twice a year – everything except the moving part.

Wouldn’t it be delightful if there was a service available that could arrange to have cars, needed belongings, extra luggage and even expertly cared-for pets transported to meet them at each destination at the precise time arranged? How about if the professional drivers of their vehicles could also help them move in all of the belongings from the vehicles into their homes and give a detailed report of how the family pet was cared for on the trip; needed medicines, diet and all?

Such a service has been a well-kept secret to affluent snowbirds and many famous people around the country for over a quarter century. Over the years, efficiencies in booking, scheduling, dispatch and logistics have been the intense focus of this service company’s management team. The company called Professional Drivers can offer amazing customization and speed of service for relocating personal and fleet vehicles at market competitive rates. Economics will naturally drive growth in business as costs come into line with wider demand.

The concierge style service is not for everyone. But there seems to be a trend toward more and more people demanding front-of-the-line and personal-assistance catered services. We judge this trend based on the slow and steady growth of the one company that provides the dream vehicle relocation service described in the previous paragraphs. There are a growing number of snowbirds in the country as “Boomers” are entering retirement in droves. Many choose to spend their time in two or three different places throughout the year.

Let’s take a look at a snowbird statistic. Currently, in Broward County, Florida alone, an estimated half million Snowbirds from the Northeast flock to and spend about $1 billion each year there during a 4 – 6 month season (Sun Sentinel-Ft. Lauderdale). That is only one county in Florida. Most of the people who have the time and can afford to do this have ample disposable income and know how to manage it.

Our snowbird friends are generally the kind of folks who like knowing exactly what they can expect when they pay for premium services such as:

  • High end – Concierge style vehicle relocation services to individuals and families.
  • Personal – Only trained, authorized professionals drive customers’ vehicles to move them.
  • Pets – Safely transported and cared for pets.
  • Valuables – Securely transported valuable belongings.
  • No Airlines – Customers who hate flying may ride in their vehicles as professionals do the driving.
  • On demand – Pick up and drop off of vehicles according to customers’ demands.
  • Speed – Service is much faster than car carrier transportation services.
  • Revolutionary service – Customers have a single, dedicated, courteous professional driver assigned to fulfill their service needs.
  • Vehicle care – Expertly maintained, cared for and cleaned vehicles.
  • Customer experience – Personalized, convenient and extremely easy to use.

Seasonal relocation expenses for snowbirds are significant. The hassles involved in transporting people, vehicles, pets and belongings hundreds or thousands of miles twice a year can be a drawback to the snowbird lifestyle. That hassle only exists for most people in the seasonal relocation market, but not all of them. More might want to know about how easy it is to go online and schedule a vehicle pickup and drop off, along with all the other conceivable services you would expect of a personal, professional driver.

Spring is trying to make her way into New England but she still has a little pushing to do before the really beautiful weather beckons those on the southern end of the annual snow flight. By now they may be starting to dread the travel hassles of coming “home.” Unless they just book a concierge relocation service and hop on a plane …or go for a nice scenic ride.

Professional Drivers offers full service vehicle, people, pet and possessions relocations. We also provide inspections and accurate valuations of pre-owned vehicles along with remote purchasing agent services.

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