Summer is hard on your car

//Summer is hard on your car

Summer is hard on your car

Most people do not realize that summer is harder on your car than winter. Take a few minute to check all of your fluids and make sure they are all topped off. Anti- freeze, a popular misnomer, is used as a coolant for the engine. After a while it will lose its vital properties and has to be replaced. You can get this done safely at any automotive shop. Never try this yourself if the radiator is hot. While you are there it would be a good idea to have them check the transmission fluid. It too need to be replaced occasionally. (Doing this will save on costly transmission repairs.) Oil the life blood of your car, could be replaced a little early especially in summer it will also help to keep your car running cooler.

Belts and hoses that are worn out will break causing you a great head ache waiting for a tow truck in 100 degree weather is not fun, and this too could have been avoided. Tire pressure will always go up and down in hot weather. This too should be checked when the tires are cool, usually first thing in the morning.  This will extend the life of your tires, you will get better gas mileage and may prevent blowouts.

Why should I follow your advice because it will extend the life of your car, prevent costly repairs and may even safe your life

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