The weather is frigid. Stayed too long up north?

//The weather is frigid. Stayed too long up north?

The weather is frigid. Stayed too long up north?

It is story we have heard many time before. The car transport company we used last year was awful, but what other choices do we have?

It really is not too late to find the right auto transport company. You will have to do a lot of homework..

First you will have to decide whether you are looking for price only or are you are looking for service and value.

After that determination has been made the fun begins. Just looking for price then any Transport Company will do. Who cares how long it will take.

If you have decided you would like some service too, then you should find out if the person at the end of the phone is an auto shipping company or just a broker. If you hear you do not have to give us a deposit until we find you a driver, you will know immediately he’s a broker.

Now let’s get down to the basics. Are your services door to door, terminal to terminal, or a combination of both? Do you guarantee pickup and delivery times?  Can I pack my car with personal belongings? Can you take my pets? Are you fully insured and can I get a copy of the insurance certificate? Do you have references? Any hidden costs associated with your car shipping company?

If you really want service and safety, a good auto driveaway company may be just the right ticket.

Professional Drivers guarantees pick-up and delivery times. They allow as much of your personal belongings that can fit in your car. Pet transportation is available when we move your car. Services includes door to door delivery or to the destination of your choice. (No car carrier terminals.) A car delivery service that is safe, faster than trucking, and convenient.

Professional Drivers 800-639-1656

We are not the low cost provider, but the low risk provider.

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