They’re vehicles, not packages!

//They’re vehicles, not packages!

They’re vehicles, not packages!

Have you ever received a package from the post office or UPS that’s been manhandled and damaged inside the package? We all have. It’s such a hassle to call the company who shipped it to you, prove it was damaged in shipping and then arrange to ship it back before getting a replacement. And who’s to guarantee the replacement won’t get damaged along the way as well?

The same thing can and does happen to motor vehicles transported on a flat bed or car carrier. With a car or truck, however, when damage occurs during the relocation process, it can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. Vehicular damage and liability is no simple matter.

There is a much better way to relocate motor vehicles across a state or across the country. Cars, trucks, vans, rv’s and busses are designed for one primary purpose – to be driven. Hiring a professional driver to transport your car or truck the way it was meant to be moved – on its own wheels – is the best option in more cases than you may think. For most people, their car is the largest personal investment they make every several years. Entrusting it to an unknown entity to haul it around in close quarters with a bunch of other cars is risky business.

A unique and higher value business model has been developed recently that assures safety, exceptional care, value added services and full accountability in vehicle relocation. It brilliantly fits into the trend of more concierge style service that’s expected by many consumers today. Think about having a friendly, trustworthy, fully vetted professional driver pick up your car/truck in the driveway or parking lot to personally drive it to the exact location of your choice. Then think about filling that same vehicle with your valuable belongings (even pets) to be hauled to the destination of your choice. Just think about how valuable that could be!

As you hop on a plane to your second home, you can have your dream machine arrive to meet you there with all your needed stuff – wardrobe, gear, golf clubs and other valuables. “Fido” or “Tabby” can even go along for the ride and they’ll be cared for along the way. Professional Drivers is a company that fulfills this sweet scenario on a regular basis and they’ve been doing it for years.

The one-of-a-kind business model that Professional Drivers has successfully implemented is growing nationally, mostly from inbound website traffic and word of mouth. The convenience and ease of this “Internet dispatch service” makes it very attractive to individuals and businesses to arrange for customized service plans for moving their vehicles and other valuables. Customers simply log on to the website,, fill out the logically required form fields and get a price quote. Everything is spelled out right up front and there are no hidden fees or costs.

Professional Drivers clients know exactly what they’re paying and are happy to pay for this level of top notch service and professionalism. Customer testimonials make the case for us.

The company’s originally opened for business (1986) in Manchester, New Hampshire and recently became Customized Logistic Group LLC DBA Professional Drivers, Headquartered in Allen, Texas.

Business Contact: Tony Bellefond (214) 444-7544 Email:

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Tony Bellefond Founder and CEO of Customized Logistics Group Parent company of Professional Drivers. Mr. Bellefond, An expert in logistics, has spent over 25 years driving extensively in the United States a Canada. There is not too much he has not seen on the road. Holding a BA from Hawthorne College in Political; Science and History, Tony is graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. Before starting Professional Drivers he worked as Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Golden Palm Publishing Corporation North Palm Beach, Florida. A licensed pilot, Tony actually received his pilot’s license before his Driver’s license. Now residing in Anna TX with his wife Ellen who is a partner in the business. They are enjoying Professional Drivers and being much closer to their Grand Children... | more about us