Travelling with your pet by air

//Travelling with your pet by air

Travelling with your pet by air

If you pet is small enough to ride under your seat it is ok, but if not I would avoid air travel completely. If for any reason you can’t I have some suggestions for you.

Before I go into this just remember how you were treated on your last flight. Your pet is in no position to complain.

Again if you must take your pet either book a nonstop or direct flight. (A direct flight does make stops however you, your luggage, and your pet will remain on the same plane. This will eliminate the possibilities of Fido remaining on the ramp in some strange airport.

When you make your reservation try to book them well in advance. The more money you save on “People” tickets will help defray some of the costs associated with air travel for your pet.

Your pet’s shots must be up to date and you will need a health certificate stating your pet healthy from your vet no later than 10 days before your trip.

You will need to purchase a USDA-Approved shipping crate. The crate should be large enough that your dog can stand, sit, and turn around in. This crate should be lined with some sort of bedding- Newspaper, shredded paper to absorb urine.

You may want to freeze a small dish or bowl of water it would spill when they airline loads the pet on board and will thaw out if your pet becomes thirsty.

Make sure the crate is latched but not locked in case the airline personnel needs to access the pet. The outside of the crate should be well identified with the dog’s name, your name and all contact info. A picture of the dog, and all over the crate should read in large letters “ LIVE ANIMAL” You should also have a picture of your pet readable accessible.

If it were my pet and I was travelling domestically I would not transport this valuable member of my family this way. There are some auto transport companies that will take your pet with them when they transport your vehicle.

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