Your pets deserve to travel first class, too.

//Your pets deserve to travel first class, too.

Your pets deserve to travel first class, too.

Pet transportation by air is a hassle and your pet feels the same as you do when it comes to flying, probably worse! You may have to purchase an FAA approved crate and actually drug your pet for the flight. This produces anxiety for owners and can be a traumatic experience for the pet herself. Airline costs for pet transportation services can be extravagant.

Pet transportation costs can be confusing and often surprising. Your pet transport cost will be crystal clear to you in our customized pet transportation services estimate, and we think you’ll see the value right away. Professional Drivers Car PAWS (Pets Are Welcome) service is the ideal solution for ensuring a save, enjoyable and super convenient transportation of your loved one across the state or across the continent.

Private Pet Transport

Our customers know that pet ownership is more than just owning an animal or having an amusing companion. Our pets are really members of our families and many people who own pets refer to themselves not as owners but as “parents.” We feel that way about our own pets in the Professional Drivers family.

Why not have your loved ones ride in the safety and comfort of your own car with Car PAWS Pet Ground Transport Service? They’ll feel comfortable riding in a familiar setting, especially with their chew toys and other favorite items along for the ride.

Professional Drivers is one of the few pet ground transport service providers that will allow your pets to ride in your car while we transport it. Your driver, an animal lover, will walk, water, and feed your pet on his or her schedule. We’ll even administer any prescribed medicines you provide according to veterinary instructions.

Transporting your pets should be the least of your worries. Professional Drivers will pick pet-friendly accommodations, and your loved ones will be spending the nights inside the motel. This high level of “concierge” service includes a fee structure that is transparent and fully understandable.

Pet Ground Transport Advantages

Why trust your cherished companion to pet transport service by air when pet transport service by ground is available by the most experienced pet ground transport specialist in America?

Professional Drivers’ people love animals and that’s one of the reasons we understand why the demand for a higher level of transportation services for pets is growing. Today we’re still the national leader for moving pets in style.

The advantages of transporting pets by ground – the Professional Drivers’ way – are clear.

  • Safe, comfortable surroundings of the pet’s own vehicle
  • No drugging or caging of pets unless specifically instructed by pet owner
  • Personal, one-on-one care for your pet with a focus on safety and well being
  • No airline hassles or expenses.
  • Door to door pickup and delivery or your pet according to your schedule

While our exclusive Car PAWS program may not be for everyone, our friendly pet ground transport services have delighted caring pet owners from New England to the West Coast and many points in between.

Feel free to read our Pet Ground Transport Service Contract to help you decide. Call our pet transportation specialists today and learn more about private pet transport from Professional Drivers.

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