Hate to Fly

If You Hate To Fly, Why Not Ride With Us?

Imagine all the fun you can have when you ride with us.

Think of riding in the luxury of your own car. Personal belongings tucked securely in the trunk, your pets with you, and the opportunity to see old friends along the way.

Our car transportation service is just the ticket.

If you desire, you will be in charge of the route, choice of motel, restaurants and total hours driven per day. Or, if you prefer, let us make the decisions while you sit back and relax. We, of course, would be willing to offer our professional advice on routing, fuel and motel stops along with any discounts that we may have. You will be responsible for payment of all expenses as they occur. These expenses include gas, tolls, meals, motel (which may consist of one night before or after actual travel), airfare, and transportation to/from the airport for your driver. Our professional drivers do not smoke in your vehicle.

You don’t want to trust just anybody with this precious cargo, so we invite you to read our auto transport reviews.

Please add a $100 tip for my driver, Bob. He did an amazing job! I am thankful that I found out about your company and will tell others about you. Thank you for all of your help.
— Lori S.