How to pick an auto transport company, auto driveaway

//How to pick an auto transport company, auto driveaway

How to pick an auto transport company, auto driveaway

All companies look alike to me! Wrong is my answer. Once again you will have to do your homework. There are basically two types of companies one that will turn your car over to complete strangers or companies that hire professional drivers.

The non-professional driver companies make money by charging the vehicle owner fees for finding you a driver. In essence, the drivers gets free transportation. The potential drivers must come up with a low cash deposit. This deposit is refunded when the drivers deliver the car in good shape. “It is expected you will want to do a little sightseeing along the way, and the system is expecting this.” (Braun) Complete strangers are in your car. They could be foreign nationals on vacation, a young family moving, or worse, drug dealers moving their products. To get this job basically you need to be 21, have a valid driver’s license and cash for the deposit. (If your car breaks down or the driver runs out of money for gas, for which they are responsible, you could be in a real tough situation.)

Other companies employ people that are being paid for moving your car directly from A to B. You need to look into how they get their drivers? How the companies operate. Do the drivers carry credit cards? What happens in the event of an accident? What happens if the driver is late delivering? Can I put personal belongings in my car? Can I talk with your customers?

These companies offer a higher level of service, most employ professional drivers. You will see a much higher satisfaction rate.

Do your homework and you will find that services vary by each company? If you Google professional drivers it will help in your search.

About the Author: Tony Bellefond has driven for Professional Drivers for 24 years. There is not too many things that Tony hasn’t seen or experienced. Now CEO of Professional Drivers, Tony may be reached at 800-639-1656.

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About the Author:

Tony Bellefond
Tony Bellefond Founder and CEO of Customized Logistics Group Parent company of Professional Drivers. Mr. Bellefond, An expert in logistics, has spent over 25 years driving extensively in the United States a Canada. There is not too much he has not seen on the road. Holding a BA from Hawthorne College in Political; Science and History, Tony is graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. Before starting Professional Drivers he worked as Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Golden Palm Publishing Corporation North Palm Beach, Florida. A licensed pilot, Tony actually received his pilot’s license before his Driver’s license. Now residing in Anna TX with his wife Ellen who is a partner in the business. They are enjoying Professional Drivers and being much closer to their Grand Children... | more about us