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Professional Drivers Customer Reviews | Professional Drivers Reviews

Professional Drivers Reviews


Chief Cart

Feb 23


Professional Drivers is a fantastic company!! Mark was AWESOME!!! He drove us (my husband and TWO male black labs from MI to FL and back from FL to MI. He even walked my dogs!!!!!!!! He made the trip fun and relaxing. Can not say enough great things about our trip!!!!!!!!!!! Sheri 


Sheri Klein

Feb 23


Professional Drivers is a fantastic company to work with. They go above and beyond!!!! Mark was AWESOME!!!!! He drove us( husband and two male black labs) from MI to FL and back from FL to MI. He walked my dogs!!! Can not say enough great things about our trip!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley Herbert

Feb 10


We had a great experience with Professional Drivers. We were moving from Florida to Colorado, so it was a very long move with lost of logistics to work out. Professional Drivers were easy to work with and made our move smooth and easy. Mike, our driver was easy to communicate with and very helpful.


Judy Lindman

Jan 2


My driver Mark was very professional and entertaining! The trip moved along quickly and safely! I would definitely use this service again! Thanks for all the help!



Dec 12


Mike was the most amazing driver and he made me feel so comfortable on the entire 4-day trip. He was so kind and caring of me and my cat. He went above and beyond to accommodate me and my cat in so many ways.

I am so thrilled that I had Mike as my driver and I would highly recommend Professional Drivers to others. It was a wonderful experience and I felt like I was traveling across country with a good friend.


Janelle Mckinley

Dec 9


Yes, I would. I worked as a registered nurse; our job was to be an advocate for the patient. I felt like Doug was my advocate from beginning to end, always looking out for my best interest.

I thanked him sincerely for getting me across the country safely and in the best time possible and smoothing the way many times.


Tom Mitchell

Nov 09


Excellent choice. Affable, knowledgeable, prompt. Just a calming presence, for a tense situation of relocating with a pet.


Guenter Waechtershaeuser

Oct 19


It was one of our luckiest days, when we found “Professional Drivers” online. We were in the wilderness of Northern New York, when the only driver in the family became incapacitated. Steve arrived fully prepared, even with a check list concerning the closing of our camp.

His knowledge of our car type and of the route (hotel, rest stops, gas stations) took all our concerns from us, and we truly enjoyed a most congenial travel companion. We hope to repeat this enjoyable experience next year when we go north again.



Nov 08


This company is impressive and professional. From the very beginning when I went over the details of moving our daughter’s car from Texas to West Virginia with Tony, to the end when Bob our driver called me to let me know the car was parked in the driveway and he was leaving, they have been top notch.

They are upfront about what they need from you as far as the car’s driving condition, and transparent about pricing so you never have any surprises. My daughter’s car was delivered promptly and in great condition. Bob even took it to a car wash before dropping it off. Inside the car Bob transported for us was a large cooler filled with dry ice and frozen breastmilk for our daughter’s premature baby and two car seats. Precious cargo! I cannot say enough positive comments about Professional Drivers and I would definitely use their services again.


Mark Sturges

Jul 19


This company will move YOUR vehicle from point A to Point B for you at a great price. You can have your people, property and/or pets along for the trip!


Ramona Pringle

May 27


Could not be more pleased with the professionalism and service. Our driver Steve, got us safely from CT to VA with our dog. The cost was more reasonable than I expected and way more comfortable, especially in this Covid climate. I will definitely use them again.



Oct 25


Professional Drivers did a great job getting the car across the country. We knew it was in good hands and would arrive safely even though it was packed to the rafters including a bike attached.


Ramona P.

Apr 18


I had an excellent experience with Professional Drivers from CT to VA. My driver, Steve arrived on time, was professional, and attentive to our needs which…


Andy Southwick

Feb 25


I couldn’t have picked a better team to handle my cross country round trip. The office staff was on point and responsive (Ellen & Bree), the owner ensured that all my needs were met (Tony) and the driver was professional, dependable, and trustworthy (Mark). I wouldn’t dream of using any other driving service and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a safe, reliable and worry free experience.


Judith Dawson

Mar 6


Ken was fantastic! Our conversations were stimulating and made the ride seem shorter than it was. We grew up in the same era so we had similar life experiences. I would recommend Professional Drivers to anyone. I was surprised at the end of my ride by my brother’s living circumstances! But that wasn’t anything to do with Ken and they did get him to the Knoxville Airport to make an earlier flight home to his lovely wife! Ken was a delight to say the least!


Donna Hawkins

Feb 16


I highly recommend Professional Drivers! First, they helped transport a car for my nephew’s in-laws, and then I had the pleasure of having Ken transport mine from CT to FL when I moved recently. He was awesome – arrived for pickup on time and got the car to FL safe and sound on time! He’s a great guy with many years of safe driving. Thank you, Ken and everyone who helped set it up!!! I’ll recommend you guys to everyone.


Susan Palmer

Aug 2


This company is amazing! The driver, Mark, checked in with us from the beginning when we signed up to when he delivered “our home” to us – right on time! In fact, his flight was delayed to our home, and we thought the delivery the next day would be delayed. Not so!! He arrived when when scheduled.

I have already recommended this company, and Mark, to friends who will be making the same move. We will continue to recommend them. They are honest, clear, responsible and reasonable. Thank you for this service!


Lu Liu

Jun 18


Fantastic service and a group of people to work with! Big shout out to Steve, who helped me drive my hyper puppy across the country. He went above and beyond during the trip make sure me and my puppy are comfortable, and incredibly thoughtful. Do give them a call – it is such a delight to speak with wonderful human beings vs. frustrating machines for a change

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you faster than a traditional trucking service?

A: Yes! When we transport your vehicle, you’ll know exactly when and where your vehicle will be picked up and delivered, because you decide!

Q: Am I allowed to bring personal items in my car?

A: We allow your personal belongings, and as many as you can squeeze in, to accompany us on this relocation journey. (Trucks are excluded from this service by federal statute.)

Q: In What Areas Do You Deliver?

A:We deliver to the continental United States and Canada. (We can deliver to and from Canada, but domestic service is not available at this time.) No service is available to or from Mexico.

We also pick up and deliver to all import and export piers.

Q: What types of vehicles do you drive?

A: We move personal and company vehicles, including all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks, RVs/motor homes, and rental trucks. In addition, we can move most trailers, like U-Haul, and provide drivers for U-Haul truck rentals along with most non-commercial moving trucks under 26K lbs. We do not tow boats or personal watercraft.