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Professional Drivers – Nationwide Car Transport Services

Tony Bellefond
Car Transport Service

Nationwide Car Transport Service

Nationwide Car Transport Service – Professional Drivers has been serving customers for over 35 years.  I am Tony Bellefond, Founder and CEO of Professional Drivers. I am an Army veteran. But most of all, I am an entrepreneur.

Although I did not invent car driving transport, I have improved it.

The differences in basic vehicle transport services

There is a difference in how vehicles are transported, traditionally, they are placed on auto transport trucks, and they are also driven. Both have reasons why one service is better than the other. Trucking does not put miles on your car; Driving is safer and quicker

Under federal laws, the traditional car moving shipping trucks, are prevented from letting you the vehicle owner place your belongings in your vehicle. There is a good reason for this; the more your car weighs, the less fuel the truck can carry.

The federal government has undertaken the role of preventing the destruction of our interstate highway system:

One overloaded truck will do more damage than one hundred cars—

most of this work done in the weight stations—

time restrictions placed on truck drivers, which results in delayed deliveries.

I am sure you have seen the long lines of the trucks waiting to go through these facilities. This window is usually thought of as a “daily” limit even though it is not based on a 24-hour period. You, truck drivers, are allowed a period of 14 consecutive hours in which to drive up to 11 hours after being off duty for 10 or more consecutive hours. The 14-consecutive-hour driving window begins when you start any kind of work. This rule was enacted up to prevent driver fatigue and to make the roads for the general public safer.

My drivers do not fall under those rules. We do not fall under these rules because we are not driving these “Big rigs.” We have our in-service time regulations for our drivers.

Which type of driver would you like to use?

You probably did not know that many car shipping companies use seasonal drivers to handle their Snowbirds clientele. Meaning they are great drivers but are not good at placing your car on the transport. Much damage results because of their inexperience.

Our drivers, for the most part, are retired business executives; many also have military or police experience. We are incredibly proud of the caliber of these individuals, which has allowed nine million accident-free miles. Being trustworthy also allows your personal belongings to accompany us on your car delivery.

We offer a clear difference from our competition, personal belongings, pet express transportation, and long-distance chauffeuring.

Demographics and how you may be affected?

The latest pandemic has raised many concerns about protecting our lives and our loved ones. Most people who use car moving services are older and fall in the demographics of people who are more apt to catch the Virus.

No matter what you think, social distancing is almost Impossible in airports and on planes.

Here comes a huge problem we still have places we have to be. Splitting time between two homes, we have doctors’ appointments and other crucial appointments. Many of us can’t stand the cold and snow.  Ice can be hazardous to us.

My winter home is not an option; I have to be there.

I have to get to my winter home, but it’s too far for me to drive. I am hesitant to fly. The kids are too busy, but I have to get there. This dilemma is worrisome.

Why not hire a long-distance chauffeur to drive you safely to your destination in the safety of your car. This car driving service is perfect for people who hate to fly: a great way to move your vehicle along with your personal belongings, and your pets can come along too.

Professional Drivers has been offering chauffeuring services for the last thirty-five years.

(No, Johnny comes lately.) We provide long-distance transportation from most cities in the United States and Canada. Door to door service even to the areas which are hard to reach.

Consider the differences in services between auto haulers, the airlines, and us. Using Professional Drivers allows you to be more in charge of your environment.

The sheer convenience of having your professional chauffeur driving you in the luxury of your car can not be topped—a car driver who is responsive and gives you incredible service:

* no flight attendants

no airline delays

*no long lines or waiting to go through security.

* Nobody coughing on you.

* No breathing Germ infested recycled air

* No TSA Agents grouping you.


*Your personal belongings accompany you

* your spouse is with you

*  pets accompany you on this road trip

* You are in charge of the hours you want to ride

* You are in charge where we are stopping.

* You are in charge of the dining plans.

* You are in charge of where we stop for the evening.

* You are in charge of the driving hours and when we start and stop

Imagine the thrill of having car driving stress no longer part of this cross-country experience. Zipping along watching the scenery from ground level makes this drive so pleasant.

How Simple is it to get started?

Here is how it works. Before we assign your long-distance driver, you’ll have the opportunity, if you want, to talk with a driver before the trip. We discuss your itinerary, the hours we are anticipating Driving, routes, and alternate routes depending on the weather. Special needs or requirements you may have. Brand of hotels and food types you are partial too: starting and stopping times, and anything else you want to discuss.

We usually work twelve hours a day: ten hours driving and two hours for fueling, eating and restroom breaks. Let’s say you can’t do this many hours, that’s fine. We will adjust the timing to meet your requirements, and You will also be able to choose the lodging, and restaurants you prefer. You can stop and visit with your friends and family along the way.

Our drivers are all professional chauffeurs; they are safe and caring and will meet all of your expectations.

We know our services are not for everyone, But I genuinely think this may be the answer to your travel needs. You now have a choice in how you get to your destination. We hope you choose wisely.

Why not call our office today and speak to one of the logistics experts on the elite team?

800 639-1656 or Get a Quote

“You will be amazed at how little this costs for the convenience you are going to receive.”




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you faster than a traditional trucking service?

A: Yes! When we transport your vehicle, you’ll know exactly when and where your vehicle will be picked up and delivered, because you decide!

Q: Am I allowed to bring personal items in my car?

A: We allow your personal belongings, and as many as you can squeeze in, to accompany us on this relocation journey. (Trucks are excluded from this service by federal statute.)

Q: In What Areas Do You Deliver?

A:We deliver to the continental United States and Canada. (We can deliver to and from Canada, but domestic service is not available at this time.) No service is available to or from Mexico. We also pick up and deliver to all import and export piers.

Q: What types of vehicles do you drive?

A: We move personal and company vehicles, including all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks, RVs/motor homes, and rental trucks. In addition, we can move most trailers, like U-Haul, and provide drivers for U-Haul truck rentals along with most non-commercial moving trucks under 26K lbs. We do not tow boats or personal watercraft.

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