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Vehicle Relocation

Vehicle Relocation Services – Nationwide Door to Door

Relocation, no matter why you are doing it, is stressful. It does not matter if you are a snowbird moving to or from your winter home. Whether you just landed your dream job or a company promotion, forcing you to a new city or a military change of station PCS.  What do all these events have in common? You are uprooting your family. 

If you are fortunate, you will have some help in the relocation process. Like most people, you will turn to the internet to help find the right companies. Moving companies, car relocation companies, how fortunate there are a lot to choose from. Suddenly you are overwhelmed. This is a great time to remind, you are going to move a valuable asset, not just a piece of property.  Our professional vehicle relocation services are what you need at this time.

How to Choose the Auto Relocation Service?

You will find there are a lot of vehicle shipping companies to choose from. How do you pick the right one? There is a difference between a transport trucking company and a transport broker.

What is the difference? The trucking companies have relationships with their drivers, brokers who do not. You will have better luck using the actual company. Their services are pretty much the same.

  • No personal belonging is allowed in your car; federal law prohibits this.
  • You can’t have more than 1/8 of a tank of fuel.
  • Very few companies offer door-to-door car relocation services. You have to drive to a local mall or take your car to a terminal.
  • Many times, when you entrust your vehicle to this type of operation, the company is using seasonal drivers. (Great truck drivers but not used to putting your car on and off the transport truck. This may result in damage to your vehicle).
  • Lots of bait and switch tactics, unclear policies, and the beat goes on.

What we described above never happens when you use us, Professional Drivers:

  • Professional Drivers is a premiere auto relocation company.
  • We provide nationwide door-to-door professional vehicle relocation services which include service to/from Canada.
  • We have thirty- five years of car driving service experience.
  • Service all import/export piers, including the port of Baltimore.

Why Professional Drivers is the right choice for your vehicle relocation?

  • We are a company that works on your schedule.
  • A dedicated professional car relocation driver will be assigned to relocate your vehicle.
  • A veteran-owned Small business that has traveled more than 9 million accident-free miles.
  • Our drivers are mostly retired business executives—many with military or police experience. Our drivers deliver results, not excuses.
  • We are the only company we know of that allows your personal belongings in your vehicle as much as you can safely squeeze in when we move your car.
  • Our pet express service makes animal transport carefree. So much better than flying my dog cargo service that the airlines offer.

Covid-19 freighting you? Why not let us chauffeur you with our car transport service. Our professional chauffeurs take the worry out of this cross-country road trip.

  • You are in charge of how many hours we drive per day, what kind of food you eat, and where you would like to spend the night.
  • Suppose you want to turn this car relocation into an adventure. Why not stop and see your friends or family along the way. Maybe there was an attraction you have always want to see; why not take the time on this drive. The possibilities are endless, and the costs reasonable.

We invite you to read our car transport reviews on our website.

From an actual customer

Having my car, along with all my stuff on the first day, really facilitated the moving process. I’ll be sure to recommend Professional Drivers to my friends and family! Thanks again for all the help.
Regards,  ~Shahry

We invite you to call the logistics experts at the elite team to find out how inexpensive our services are. For your free quote, dial 800-639-1656

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you faster than a traditional trucking service?

A: Yes! When we transport your vehicle, you’ll know exactly when and where your vehicle will be picked up and delivered, because you decide!

Q: Am I allowed to bring personal items in my car?

A: We allow your personal belongings, and as many as you can squeeze in, to accompany us on this relocation journey. (Trucks are excluded from this service by federal statute.)

Q: In What Areas Do You Deliver?

A:We deliver to the continental United States and Canada. (We can deliver to and from Canada, but domestic service is not available at this time.) No service is available to or from Mexico. We also pick up and deliver to all import and export piers.

Q: What types of vehicles do you drive?

A: We move personal and company vehicles, including all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks, RVs/motor homes, and rental trucks. In addition, we can move most trailers, like U-Haul, and provide drivers for U-Haul truck rentals along with most non-commercial moving trucks under 26K lbs. We do not tow boats or personal watercraft.

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