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Hire a Driver – FAQ

Hire a Driver – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hire a driver for a long-distance vehicle transport?

To hire a driver for a safe and reliable long-distance vehicle transport, you have a few options:
1. Ask a family member, a friend, or a friend of a friend for a favor or pay them to drive your vehicle.
2. Hire a professional driver who is professionally trained, has a clean driving record, and has cleared background checks.
The second option is the safe, reliable, and cost-effective option. We provide highly trained drivers. Click below to learn more and get a free quote:
Call us Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Central time at: (800)639-1656 or (214)444-7544

Why hire a driver for a cross-country vehicle transport? Benefits?

Relocating a vehicle is complicated, time-consuming, and risky. Driving hundreds of miles in different weather conditions is difficult for most people.
Car shipping via a carrier is inconvenient and can cause expensive repair bills afterward.
Hiring a driver is a safe, cost-effective, and convenient option. Our drivers are professionally trained and have decades of experience. We provide a door-to-door service. Your driver will arrive on time to pick up your car and deliver it to the destination on schedule.
You can save money by riding with the driver, sending pets along, and/or loading your belongings in the vehicle.
Call us Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Central time at: (800)639-1656 or (214)444-7544

How much does it cost to hire a driver to drive a long-distance, cross-country vehicle transport?

The cost to hire a driver for long-distance transport of a car, SUV, or truck depends on the following:
1. You will pay for driver's transportation to get to the trip start point.
2. Distance from the start point to the destination, type of vehicle, and kind of roads will determine the number of days needed. The driver will have a daily service charge plus food.
3. If multiple days are required, the driver will require an allowance for hotel stays.
4. You will pay fuel, Toll, and other expenses related to the trip.
Call us Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Central time at: (800)639-1656 or (214)444-7544

What is the process to hire a driver for a long-distance vehicle transport?

Hiring a driver for long-distance vehicle transport has a few steps:
1. Finalize the details of the trip. Knowing the from and to cities or zipcodes and the approximate move date are essential to get started.
2. Click here to get a free, no-obligation quote.
3. Call our office to review the quote. Our logistics experts will walk you through and support you in every step of this journey.
4. Review our contracts.
5. Sign the agreement and make the payment.
6. Get your vehicle ready for transport on the scheduled day.
7. Please sit back and relax while our logistics experts move your vehicle safely and on schedule.

When should I finalize start the order for hiring a driver?

Hiring a driver to transport your vehicle or drive you on a long-distance cross-country road trip has a few steps that have to be completed.
You can see details in the questions above.
We recommend you start the process as soon as you know the starting point, endpoint, and date. When customers call less than two weeks before the trip date, we might not have a driver available for that date.
So please get in touch with us at least two weeks and preferably four weeks or more before your desired date.
Call us Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Central time at: (800)639-1656 or (214)444-7544

Are you faster than a traditional trucking service?

Yes, our service is faster than traditional trucking service. The reason is we work on your schedule. You will decide when and where the vehicle will be picked up and delivered.

Can I put my personal items in the car during the transport?

Yes, you can fill the trunk and other areas of the car with your personal belonging. Just make sure to keep them to a safe limit.

In what areas do you deliver?

We deliver to the continental United States and Canada. (We can provide to and from Canada, but domestic service is unavailable now.) Extra long lines and wait times at the border crossing will increase the total cost of the delivery.
No service is available to or from Mexico.

We also pick up and deliver to all import and export piers.

What types of vehicles do you relocate?

We move personal and company vehicles; including all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks, RVs/motor homes, and rental trucks. In addition, we can move most trailers, like U-Haul, and provide drivers for U-Haul truck rentals along with most non-commercial moving trucks under 26K lbs. We do not tow boats or personal watercraft.