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Student Car Delivery

Student Car Delivery

Student Car Delivery Service to Colleges and Prep-Schools

While you are looking for transporting your student’s car, you are looking for a reputable car transporter. Professional Drivers have been making nationwide Door-to-Campus Delivery easy for the past 35 years. We offer Car transport services with your student’s personal belongings, as much as you can fit in the car. We are one of the very few companies that allow this.

We make vehicle moving faster, safer, and more convenient than traditional car shipping services:

  • Your vehicle arrives on campus, always a full tank of fuel and clean, weather permitting.
  • Working around your needs, we meet your student at a venue convenient for them, thus saving time & money, and hassle.
  • Your student will have their driver’s phone number, and we will call to give them an ETA of delivery.
  • Our Mission is to provide a genuinely exceptional relocation experience to our clients.

Statistics show annually there are about 100,000 car crashes that are caused by fatigued driving, & 1550 of those crashes result in fatalities. The reality of this situation is your college-bound student is an inexperienced driver. As a student, they don’t want to leave the family too early, but they also want to be on campus in time for move-in day and those fun pre-class activities. Our nationwide door to campus driving services make this possible.

Why Professional Drivers is your Best Choice for Campus Delivery?

  • With some vehicle shipping services, you will be limited to up to one hundred pounds of personal belongings to be placed on the card. Professional Drivers will allow as many of your personal belongings as you can safely fit in. That’s a lot of clothes, computers, printers, stereo equipment. You get the idea!
  • Professional Drivers is a veteran-owned small business. We have been doing long complaint-free relocation services for over thirty-five years.
  • A campus auto moving company that provides service to your college students’ school no matter where the campus is located.
  • Our direct expedited services not only guarantee exact pickup dates but delivery dates as well.
  • Our drivers, for the most part, are retired business executives, many have either military or police experience. Our drivers are Chauffeurs. We just happen to be driving your car.

Our most popular college car shipping routes Generally, many of our Northeast clients are moving vehicles − from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania − love going to Southeast colleges like Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana. While routes from The Great Lakes and Midwest states to the Southwest states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and California have been growing increasingly popular, in addition to traditional destinations in the South such as Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando. Once you travel to these long-distance destinations, you’ll quickly understand why our vehicle transport services are so convenient.

Campus Car Transport Vs. Student Driving the Car:

  • Many car transporters are seasonal drivers. They are great when it comes to trucking, but they are inexperienced when it comes to loading your car on and off the vehicle transport trucks. This may cause dents, dings, and other damage to your vehicle.
  • Did you know that after six months, metal in your car frame hardens up? It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you own. The importance of the fact is simply to tell you that if your car is not secured on the truck properly, not too tight, and not too loose, you may wind up with suspension damage.
  • Did you know many times the trucking company that pickups your car is not the same one to deliver it? This only delays the car delivery.

This will not happen when the vehicle is being driven by a professional driver. You owe it to yourself to call the elite team of auto transporters at Professional Drivers.

College is going to be out for the year very shortly, and you certainly don’t want to be without a professional car driver. Get your no-obligation quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you faster than a traditional trucking service?

A: Yes! When we transport your vehicle, you’ll know exactly when and where your vehicle will be picked up and delivered, because you decide!

Q: Am I allowed to bring personal items in my car?

A: We allow your personal belongings, and as many as you can squeeze in, to accompany us on this relocation journey. (Trucks are excluded from this service by federal statute.)

Q: In What Areas Do You Deliver?

A:We deliver to the continental United States and Canada. (We can deliver to and from Canada, but domestic service is not available at this time.) No service is available to or from Mexico. We also pick up and deliver to all import and export piers.

Q: What types of vehicles do you drive?

A: We move personal and company vehicles, including all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks, RVs/motor homes, and rental trucks. In addition, we can move most trailers, like U-Haul, and provide drivers for U-Haul truck rentals along with most non-commercial moving trucks under 26K lbs. We do not tow boats or personal watercraft.

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