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Rented Truck Driver

Rental Truck Driver

rental truck driver

6 Reasons for Hiring a Rental Truck Driver for DIY Move

Rental truck drivers make long-distance DIY moving stress-free and safe.  They are also referred to as Moving truck driver, Rented truck drivers or Uhaul drivers.

After packing all your belongings in boxes, it is time to get them to the new home across the country.

There are many options available when renting a moving truck from U-Haul, Penske, or other Truck Rental company to prepare for moving day.

U-Haul and Penske offer different-sized trucks depending on your home’s size. Here’s the U-Haul Truck Guide for more information on the types of trucks available.

Packing, moving, and unpacking are tough tasks; driving cross-country a large, heavy moving truck is hard and risky. Driving a truck is not the same as driving a car. Safely driving large and heavy truck on overcrowded interstate highways needs experience and skill. For safe, stress-free, and on-time moving, you can rent a truck driver to drive the moving truck. At Professional Drivers, we provide Uhaul (or other rented truck) drivers who have experience on how to get your belongings home.

Our professional drivers are trained to get your moving truck safely to your new home – get a quote to hire a driver for a moving truck.

Benefits of hiring a rental truck driver

You can focus on your family during the move

By hiring a Uhaul driver, you can focus on your family’s transition to the new home. The Child Mind Institute suggests keeping a routine helps kids transition to a new home. As a busy parent, you will need to handle all the logistics. If you hire a moving truck driver, you can spend time with your family during the move.

A DIY move is a budget-friendly way to move while controlling the process.

Combine a DIY move with a rented truck driver for a budget-friendly and stress-free moving experience

You can plan it to work on your schedule.

A driver for a moving truck will be ready to meet your scheduling needs. Since you have control over the moving process, you will be able to work on packing at your time. The Uhaul driver will arrive on your schedule and deliver your moving truck to your new home on time. You won’t have to spend time on the road. You can fly to the new home, take some time to rest and enjoy family time before the moving truck arrives.

To save more money, or if you hate to fly, you can ride along in the rental truck

Airports are a mad house these days with delay, cancellations, long TSA lines, the never-big-enough plane seats, and the airplane ear to worry about. I do not blame you if you hate to fly.

Hiring a moving truck driver allows you to have your own personal chauffeur. You can ride with your driver in the front seat of the moving truck. If you are moving by yourself, this is a budget-friendly option. Save on a plane ticket and the hassle of air travel.

Tow your car behind the rental truck

Towing your car is budget-friendlier than shipping it separately. You won’t have to worry about two companies handling your stuff at different times. Also, the vehicle will arrive safely since the company won’t transfer the car to other trucks at every stop. Towing your car does not put miles in your vehicle and keeps it safe from wear and tear of car shipping.

You can fly to your new home instead of making a days-long road trip

You won’t be able to avoid the highways in inter-state travel. If you drive your rented moving truck, you will likely arrive at your new home exhausted. Hiring a moving truck driver gives you the option to get to your new home faster by plane. This will give you some time to rest, relax and get ready for unpacking.

Move long-distance, cross-country safely and stress-free

Once you get to your new home, your rental truck driver will arrive at your door on the scheduled time. You might even have enough strength to start unpacking.

We also provide service to the continental United States and Canada. If your move requires crossing the border, you can travel by plane and won’t have to worry about the long lines of trucks at the United States-Canada border.

A professional rental truck driver will deliver your movables safely and efficiently

Your belongings are valuable to you. Moving safely and on schedule is the priority. A moving truck driver will enable a smooth and safe move.  Moving truck drivers have the expertise in long-distance travel. They are the best option for a DIY long-distance move

Our drivers are professional, experienced, and clear background checks.  Most of them have decades of law enforcement, military, or entrepreneurship experience. They are experts at driving long-distances in all road and traffic conditions.

Your precious cargo will be in safe hands.

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