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Professional Drivers Customer Testimonials


Testimonials from our beloved customers

We had a great experience with Professional Drivers. Ed drove my daughter’s car from New York to Missouri and got in ahead of schedule! It was a very easy and convenient way to get the car (loaded with lots of my daughter’s college stuff) home for the holidays without having to drive it.

Linda T Werner

I was very happy with your services and with Bob. I will certainly recommend you in the future.


Thank you so much. I appreciate you accommodating me on such short notice.


Doug did a great job. We have a lot of confidence in him, and he is very flexible. He was a pleasure to travel with.

Michael Cory

Ken is just the person we needed to have to drive us safely to Florida. We will contact him and you again when we set plans for our return North. he is a” keeper”. We shared many tales of our various travel experiences which made the time go very fast.

Elain Besson

We are pleased with the service from Professional Drivers and Bill.
We have shared information about your services with others, including your website.”

Dennis Schwieso

I was very pleased with your service. You delivered exactly as promised and the car was returned to me even cleaner than I left it. The driver kept me informed at all stages, and I will certainly recommend your company to my friends here in south Florida.


Excellent service. Very professional. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Nicole M.

Rarely have I been so impressed with a company as I am with yours. I really appreciate your help & I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Dan G.

Thanks again for all the help. Having my car along with all my stuff on the first day really facilitated the moving process. I’ll be sure to recommend Professional Drivers to my friends and family!


Bob did an amazing job! I am thankful that I found out about your company and will tell others about you. Thank you for all of your help.

Lori S.

Having been the CEO of a large company, I often like to acknowledge good service when I experience it – and I experienced extraordinary service given by your company.

I was very hesitant about having a stranger drive my car and most of all transporting my dog Houdini nearly 2000 miles. Your office explained, patiently, the benefits of using your company as opposed to trucking it. Now I know that trucks are not allowed by law to have cars that contain a “car-full” of clothes and stuff. If you hadn’t allowed the car to be packed, I would have had to ship a number of boxes. Driving my dog Houdini also eliminated another worry of mine, since Houdini is older and doesn’t take to people he doesn’t know well.  Your driver did well because our dog gave him a lick as he was leaving.

The driver stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire trip, a great touch. I chose to have him meet me at the airport. When I picked up my luggage, I called Bob and he brought my Escalade right up to the curb. I was pleasantly surprised to first see the car was cleaned and then I noticed the gas was full.

My overall opinion of Professional Drivers is they could not have performed better. I knew what to expect every step of the way. I thought the price was a little high in the beginning but realized after the trip that all the included services actually made them a bargain. I would not ever go to any other company and I did my homework in the beginning.


John Marcus

It has been a pleasure working with you for the past five years and I look forward to working with you in the future.

I just tell you what I want, and you make it happen. I never have to worry about our demonstration trailer getting to a trade show or a customer visit on time, because I know you and your drivers won’t let me down. My last-minute requests are always met with “don’t worry about it … we’ll make it happen”. That’s music to my ears because it always happens. I depend on you and your company and feel like you are an extension of the Henkel team. Thank you for all you do for us and keep up the good work.

Lisa McCullough

I only learned of snowbird car services this fall. My parents have been driving themselves to Florida for the winter for many years, but recently decided to fly instead, and hire a professional driver to get their car to Florida. As soon as I heard about such a service from a friend, I started researching. Your company was one of a couple from which I requested quotes and information.

From the start, your company and team members were the most impressive! Follow-ups to the quoted delivery were made immediately, asking if I had questions. You were the only ones to do that. I reached out via phone and connected with Scott. He was patient and knowledgeable with my many questions and calls! I and my parents were a little anxious about the idea of having someone drive their car, but I felt reassured after speaking with Scott. He did an excellent job of coordinating the many details and stayed in touch throughout with professional communications!

Bill W. was assigned as our driver. From our pre-trip conversations via text and phone and then meeting him in person to hand over the keys, I was immediately made comfortable. Without asking, he provided thoughtful updates along the way (very reassuring for my parents!) and even asked if he could wash the car the final morning to have it all ready for my parents when they landed in Florida. What a nice surprise! We feel incredibly fortunate that he was our driver, he was just fantastic! We were so very impressed by him!

My parents are now comfortably in Florida and the trip was possible because of all of you involved! My parents are singing your praises to friends who were very interested in hearing how everything turned out! We definitely want to do this again next year!


Lora S. (and my parents :-), Linda and Dennis)

It all looks good. Thanks for everything. I tipped Phil at the end of the trip. He was great

Marvin Fein

Doug… was worth every penny! His services were excellent. We got along very well, and if I have a need for a driver again in the future, I would not hesitate to request him! And I will surely recommend your company to anyone who might benefit!


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