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Rented Truck Driver

Rental Truck Driver FAQ

Rental Truck Driver - Frequently Asked Questions

Where to hire a Uhaul, moving truck, or rental truck driver?

We provide drivers for long-distance, cross-country moving needs. Our drivers have decades of Uhaul and moving truck driving experience in all weather conditions. They have an impeccable safety record.
You can learn more about our service by clicking here;

How a Uhaul driver can help in a DIY move?

DIY moving is a cost-effective alternative for a long-distance move. At the same time, it is a lot of work and managing logistics.
Hiring a Uhaul or moving truck driver will ease the stress of driving and make the journey safe.

How much does hiring a Uhaul driver or other rental/moving truck driver for long-distance moving cost?

When moving long-distance, hire a moving truck driver to have safe, stress-free, and cost-effective.
The cost to hire a Uhaul or moving truck driver depends on the following:
1. Driver's transportation to get to the trip start point could involve airline travel.
2. Distance from the start point to the destination, type of vehicle, and kind of roads will determine the number of days needed for the journey. The driver will have a daily service charge plus food.
3. If multiple days are required, the driver will require an allowance for hotel stays.
4. You will pay fuel, toll, and other expenses related to the trip.
5. At the end of the move, you will pay for the driver's transportation back home.