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Rented Truck Driver

Rental Truck Driver FAQ

Rental Truck Driver – Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Truck Driver FAQ

Table of Contents

Rental Truck Driver FAQ

Is it possible to hire someone to drive my rented truck?

Yes. We have experienced truck drivers you can hire to drive a U-haul, Penske, or any other rental truck.

What are the benefits of hiring a rental truck driver?

Reasons You Need to Hire a Rental Truck Driver

Here are rental truck driver benefits in a nutshell:
1- It’s safe: A truck can be dangerous to drive if you are not used to it.
2- It makes long-distance moving hassle-free: Moving can be extremely stressful with all logistics to manage. It can affect personal and family well-being.
3- It saves you time and energy: You can avoid the exhaustion of driving a fully loaded and heavy moving truck on a long-distance road trip. Let our professional driver work hard while you fly to the destination. You can relax until the moving truck arrives.
4- Send your car along: You can tow your vehicle behind your truck and avoid long-distance driving.

Which rental truck companies work with hired professional drivers?

Penske, U-Haul, Enterprise, and Budget are some of the most reliable moving truck rental companies that work with hired professional drivers.

Before deciding which company you’ll work with, check out these core tips for renting a moving truck.

Do rental truck companies provide drivers? 

No. Rental truck companies only provide movers who help you load and unload your cargo. They can refer you to rental truck drivers you can hire for the move.

Where can I hire a rental truck driver?

You can hire a driver for your moving truck from any rental truck driving company on the internet. Professional Drivers is one of those companies you can use to get an experienced driver for short-distance or long-distance.

Should I hire a driver first before renting a truck?

No. You can add the driver’s information after you hire them, so it’s okay to rent the truck first.

How can I add driver information to my Rental Truck Contract?

You can do it in person or by attaching their details. It all depends on the requirements of the rental truck company.

Do you rent trucks for your customers? 

No, we do not rent trucks. You rent the truck, and we provide the driver for it.

Would my professional driver pick up the rental truck?

We can, but you’ll incur waiting charges during loading. Fortunately, rental truck companies usually have people you can hire to take the truck to your packing location. That might save you some money.

How do rental truck companies deal with insurance when I hire a driver?

Rental truck insurance is the same whether you hire a driver or not.
We suggest you take the most comprehensive insurance they offer. U-Haul’s best coverage is the Safe Move Plus package. Penske’s truck rental coverage provides options you can choose from depending on your needs ( you need to talk to them about your particular situation). Learn more about rental truck insurance to discover your needs.

What are the rental truck contract conditions when hiring a professional driver?

Usually, the truck rental company requires your driver’s driving license to add to the rental contract. That’s it.

Will my rental truck driver load and unload the cargo for me?

Does Rented Truck Driver Load or Unload Cargo

No, our driver will not load or unload cargo. The rental truck companies usually have a list of loading experts you can hire. After the truck is fully loaded, our seasoned drivers will take the cargo to its destination.
U-Haul has Moving Help, who can make your packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading hassle-free. You can also get assistance from Simple Moving Labor, who offer a discount if you rent your truck from Penske.

Here are tips to help you plan a stress-free DIY move from scratch.

How many people are allowed to go with the Rental Truck Driver?

Only one person can ride in the rented truck with the driver.

Would my rented truck driver allow pets on the journey?

Does Rented Truck Driver Allow Pets

Yes, depending on their size. They should be small or medium-sized.
Check out our Personalized Pet Transport Service in case you have more than one pet you want to relocate to your destination.

Would the professional driver have to stop at all weigh stations along the journey?

Not usually. Rental trucks under 26,000 lbs are considered moving vehicles for household goods, exempt from having to stop.

What’s the maximum number of hours my hired driver can drive daily?

Our drivers are usually on the road for 10 to 12 hours straight, following the Department of Transportation (D.O.T) rules.However, hours may vary by weather and traffic conditions along with road construction.

What’s the maximum number of miles my hired driver can drive daily?

Your hired driver can drive anywhere between 500 and 600 miles per day depending on the load, among other factors. D.O.T guidelines don’t allow truck drivers to go more than 600 miles per day.

When does my cargo arrive?

It depends on the mileage. Your final agreement will state the time your truck is expected to arrive at the destination. Our drivers usually make it by the agreed time.

Occasionally, unexpected factors like breakdowns and brutal weather can delay your truck’s arrival. But as we mentioned, that’s rare since we factor in the most common contingencies to ensure timely delivery.

Can you tow my car behind the moving truck?

Yes, we can tow any car behind your rental truck. You need to inform the moving truck rental company of your towing needs so they can provide a fitting trailer for it. We don’t use a tow dolly due to its limitations.

You can also read our guide on How to Ship Car Across the Country to explore all your car shipping options

How much do you charge for towing a car behind a moving truck?

It depends on the size of the trailer plus mileage. It might cost you somewhere between $150 to $350. Get a quote for your particular trip to know for sure.

Who loads the car on the trailer?

Usually, we suggest the truck rental company load and unload your car. They have experts to help you safely load the vehicle on the trailer.

Do you keep the car keys for my towed car?

We keep the car keys while towing your car just in case we must replace the trailer or move your vehicle.

Can I load the truck cab too?

No, loading the truck cab is unsafe for the driver and your cargo.

Can I load items on the towed car?

How to Load Rental Moving Truck

Yes, you can load as many items as possible in the towed car trunk and under the seats.

How much does it cost to hire a rental truck driver?

It depends on time & mileage. To keep costs low, avoid waiting charges by ensuring that the driver finds the truck loaded at the expected pickup time.

When will my quote expire?

We will put your quote’s expiry date on it. Generally, it takes around 21 days for a quote to expire.

What additional costs might I incur by the end of the move?

Cost of the move while hiring a rental truck driver

You’ll pay for the fuel, tolls, hotel the driver would stay on the journey, transportation of the driver to and from you, food, and any repair item used to make the truck safe to operate. We keep our customer’s expenses for the journey as minimum as possible.

Will I get a breakdown of all costs and payments?

Yes. You’ll get receipts for everything for you to verify how the money has been spent.

What are your payment conditions?

We will bill the known costs immediately when the contract is returned.

Who keeps the Rental Truck Contract?

The contract remains with the driver because D.O.T needs it to confirm he’s allowed to drive the rental truck.

What happens when your driver causes damage?

It’s covered by rental truck insurance.

How long does it take to hire a rental truck driver?

Usually 5-7 days. We suggest you start the hiring process as soon as you know your moving date.

How do I hire a driver for my rental truck?

Call us at 214-444-7544 to get started, or you can fill out the get a quote form on our website.

How do I know your rental truck drivers are safe?

Customer Reviews About Rental Truck Drivers

We have been in business for 37 years. We have professional drivers who’ve gone millions of accident-free miles. You can read our customers’ reviews to learn more about our safety and customer service record.

Are there any professional drivers near me?

Yes, you can find our drivers near you. We’ll get a driver available nearest to you to reduce their transportation costs to your location.

What transport expenses would I incur for the rental truck driver?

All transportation costs to get a driver to and from you include airline, ground transportation, fuel, and tolls. Motels and food charges are usually also included.

Would I be the one arranging the driver’s travel?

No, our logistics department will handle all travel so your DIY move can be more stress-free.

How much fuel does a rental truck use?

Fuel charges are variable depending on the individual truck. The type of fuel – diesel or gas makes a big difference.

Which money-saving strategies should I be aware of in this moving process?

Save money with a DIY long distance move

1- Hiring a Professional Driver
2- Loading the truck yourself instead of hiring a moving company
3- Someone in your family traveling with the driver to reduce air travel costs
4- Avoiding driver’s waiting for charges by sticking to your moving timeline

Why should I work with Professional Drivers?

We’ve been providing professional drivers since 1986. We have thus been trusted with moving our customers’ precious belongings for 37 years.

We’re also a veteran-owned company, family-operated, with millions of accident-free miles.

We have the best drivers in the transportation industry, thoroughly background checked and family-friendly even to your furry friends.

Ready to work with us? Get a free quote, and let’s move forward together!

Where to hire a Uhaul, moving truck, or rental truck driver?

We provide drivers for long-distance, cross-country moving needs. Our drivers have decades of Uhaul and moving truck driving experience in all weather conditions. They have an impeccable safety record.
You can learn more about our service by clicking here;

How a Uhaul driver can help in a DIY move?

DIY moving is a cost-effective alternative for a long-distance move. At the same time, it is a lot of work and managing logistics.
Hiring a Uhaul or moving truck driver will ease the stress of driving and make the journey safe.

How much does hiring a Uhaul driver or other rental/moving truck driver for long-distance moving cost?

When moving long-distance, hire a moving truck driver to have safe, stress-free, and cost-effective.
The cost to hire a Uhaul or moving truck driver depends on the following:
1. Driver's transportation to get to the trip start point could involve airline travel.
2. Distance from the start point to the destination, type of vehicle, and kind of roads will determine the number of days needed for the journey. The driver will have a daily service charge plus food.
3. If multiple days are required, the driver will require an allowance for hotel stays.
4. You will pay fuel, toll, and other expenses related to the trip.
5. At the end of the move, you will pay for the driver's transportation back home.

What happens when I cancel my move?

We will charge a cancellation fee if we have promised you a driver and you’ve signed the contract.

Do you use a tow dolly?

No, we don’t use a tow dolly because it’ll damage your car.

Do you still allow only one passenger in trucks that can fit more than one passenger, like the 26ft Penske truck?

Yes, we allow just one person in the cab for safety and convenience reasons.